1 in 4 men would have sex with a robot. But how...

1 in 4 men would have sex with a robot. But how do women feel about it?


ARE YOU ADVENTUROUS IN BED? Not in the sense that you toss in a couple contortionist sex positions—we mean really adventurous. Like: Are open to trying interactive sex toys that sync with pornos, or the literal mindfuck that is astral sex?

If you are (and maybe if you aren’t), a new study will pique your interest.

Ian Pearson, Sc.D.—a futurist who touts his ability to make predictions with an 85% accuracy record—has made an estimate that, by 2050, we’ll be boinking robots. And it’ll be totally normal. In fact, it’ll be more common than having sex with, y’know, other humans.

To put the theory to somewhat of a test, YouGov Omnibus, a service that conducts reliable and accurate omnibus research, polled Americans on the idea of having coitus with hyper-sexualized robots.

Overall, about 49% of Americans agree that having sex with robots will become commonplace in the next 50 years. But not everyone’s on board with coitus ex machina.

As you might’ve expected, men are more open to the idea. One in four men, or about 24%, said they’d consider having an automaton lover. Only 9% of women said they’d get down and dirty with a robot.

For those who are into it, appearance is absolutely pivotal. Roughly 52% of those who’d get frisky with a bot said they’d want it to look like a human (think: Alicia Vikander in Ex Machina).

But does it count as sex? Just 14% of U.S. adults consider it intercourse, 33% compare it to masturbation, and 27% can’t categorize it as either.

How it plays into infidelity is another area of debate: 36% of women and 29% of men felt it counts as cheating, while 29% of women and 37% of men said it shouldn’t (arguing that it’s almost like using a sex toy).

And while some people express the implicit fear of letting a robot—one that could potentially be hijacked and reprogrammed for violence—near their junk (broken penises are very real, and very painful), 42% of Americans said they see sex with a robot being safer than hooking up with a human stranger. We can’t really argue that. Superbug gonorrhea, man…