As we go about our daily lives, it can be hard to constantly stop and think about the ways in which different foods are impacting your health. But even some of the most common foods can affect your mood, fitness, and overall health in more ways than you’d think. Lucky for you, we took the time to gather some interesting facts on everyday foods and how they may be helping (or hindering) your fitness goals.

Check out the following list to see how these five common foods and ingredients affect your health.

Fast Food Might Be Making You Depressed

Scoring a burger and fries at the
 drive-thru is quick, cheap, and
 weirdly delicious. But it could lead
 to depression. An Australian study by
 James Cook University evaluated the link between fast food and depression and found that those who consumed the most fast food had the highest levels of a certain depression-linked fatty acid in their blood. More research needs to be done, but for now, keep driving past that burger joint.

Seed Oil is Best for Cholesterol

You’ve heard for years that solid 
fats like butter and lard raise your LDL cholesterol, commonly known as bad cholesterol. But, turns out, the best alternative might not be the popular olive oil. A new study published in the Journal of Lipid Research (no doubt a rousing read) found that people who use seed oils have better LDL and total cholesterol. So the next time you’ve got a dry pan, reach for oils derived from sunflowers, rapeseed, safflower, or flaxseed.

Eat Better for Bone Health

University of Michigan researchers found that nutrition (specifically calcium and phosphorus) has a greater impact on bone strength and bone mass than exercise—in mice. So take it with a grain of salt. But then also consider taking in more calcium and phosphorus-rich foods, including dairy, meat, fish, nuts, and beans.

Get Your Vitamins Via Gum

A national health survey found that many people are deficient in vitamins
 B6 and C. If you have 
trouble getting your daily dose, chewing gums like NeuroGum and Vitamingum could help. That’s according to Penn State researchers who found that gum is an effective delivery vehicle
 for vitamins.

Regular Drinkers Die Earlier

Sorry to be the bearer of
 bad news, but a Washington University School of Medicine study analyzed data from more than 400,000 people and found that regularly drinking alcohol increases premature death. Those who consume one to two drinks four or more times a week are 20% more likely to die early compared with those who drink three or fewer times a week.