The perfect 24-hour day for fat loss


    THE ROAD TO a thinner waistline and a deflated spare tire is plagued with pitfalls, diet mishaps, and false supplement claims. Whereas many guys have likely tried one particular weight-loss method in the past, most fall short.

    To experience positive, sustained results, guys looking for weight loss must put together ­­­the entire package, including proper nutrition, a good workout routine, and appropriate lifestyle habits. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. To help clarify your path to weight-loss success, we’ve identified the perfect fat-loss day equipped with all of the tools and techniques necessary to get you to your optimum physique.

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    6 a.m.-8 a.m.

    1. Eat a protein-rich breakfast

    By getting at least 35 grams of protein in your first meal of the day, you can not only help prevent hunger later in the day, but also ultimately reduce body fat and the total number of calories you eat, according to a study from the University of Missouri

    2. Hydrate

    To help rehydrate after 8+ hours without liquid as well as combat the inevitable hunger pangs, down a large glass of water. Hydrated individuals binge less throughout the day and boast a more functional metabolism.

    3. Drink a cup of coffee

    While your java addiction might make this an obvious morning choice, swigging back a cup of the black stuff is beneficial for more reasons than a simple energy boost. The extract found in coffee beans may help boost weight loss. To make matters even better, black coffee is a natural low-calorie alternative to energy drinks making it a much better choice to start your morning.

    4. Take some fish oil

    It turns out your inability to hold back from bingeing on that box of cookies isn’t solely due to lack of willpower. New research indicates that poor eating habits actually damage brain cells making it even harder to resist temptations. However, an omega-3-rich fish oil supplement can help to create new nerve cells and counteract the effects of high junk food intake.

    9 a.m.-11 a.m.

    1. Move

    After checking your e-mail and getting set for a hard day of work, ditch the office chair for a trip around the office. The quick walk will help you stay awake as well as boost your metabolism and help you burn a few extra calories. If you’re looking to try something a bit more progressive, consider a standing or even a treadmill desk. Both help to minimize slouching and keep you active while plugging away. For those who aren’t ready to stand all day, try standing through meetings or phone calls.