We’re all adults here, but let’s face it, sometimes we forget some of the simplest lessons we learned as children. One of those is manners. Next time you’re at the gym, take a look around and you’ll notice it’s rife with infractions. These missteps may not be done purposefully, but they happen nonetheless. Here are some quick tips to put your best foot forward and avoid being labeled a real D-bag at the gym.

Leaving Your DNA Behind

Cleaning up your area can be applied to a multitude of scenarios while working out. From wiping down a machine to putting away equipment after use—it’s all a must. No one wants to sit down on a machine that has been covered in a layer of someone else’s filth and sweat.

While there’s a level of appreciation for sharing, some things should be kept to oneself. Not only is it thoughtful for the person after you, but it’s sanitary to boot!

Monopolizing the Machines

Speaking of machines, free weights and plates, there’s a level of understanding when completing repetitions, a circuit or supersetting. It should all be done within reason though.

If the gym is exceptionally busy finish your workout as quickly, yet efficiently as possible. Do your due diligence not to monopolize too many machines at once, so others can have the chance to quickly get through their workout as well.

Being a Space Invader

Many gym layouts include rows of cardio equipment. It’s easy to get in a zone and jump on just any machine. Take a second glance; if you’re one of only a few utilizing cardio equipment…spread out.

It’s always thoughtful when you opt not to choose the machine right in front of or beside someone else when there are many others to choose from.

Yammering on the Bench

Nothing wrong with a little chit chat amongst friends at the gym. If your gym time doubles as social time, keep in mind the time you’re spending on a machine while talking.

A gym goer who likes to keep their cell phone on hand? All well and good, but if you have to take a call be sure it’s not a distraction to others, and be sure it’s not done while using equipment or a machine that others are waiting for

Stopping for Selfies

In the vein of smart phones and devices, for some, a visit to the gym isn’t official until you’ve checked in, tweeted, posted or more.

Do what you have to do to take a photo or video, but taking it as far as stacking multiple aerobic steps in front of the mirror to get just the right angle (I’ve witnessed it)…may be a tad bit too far.

Holding a Creepy Stare

Just like you were taught not to point, you may have also been taught not to stare. It’s natural to admire someone you find attractive, aspire to look like, or take mental notes of a new exercise you’d like to try, but it’s just downright creepy to visually lock on to someone’s physique for an extended duration.

Not many people like to be gawked at, let alone hit on. Just remember to keep your eyes on the prize…not someone’s ass.

Over-Pumping the Volume

You may love the scintillating sounds of Septicflesh blasting out of your headphones, but that doesn’t mean everyone else in the gym will be on board with your thirst for hardcore death metal. Everybody’s got different tastes when it comes to their workout tunage, so keep the decibel level to a minimum the next time you’re taking your custom-made, satanic playlist for a spin in a crowded gym.