Following a low-carb diet to lose weight is nothing new, but there are a lot of misconceptions about what you’re allowed to eat. Over the years the diet has gotten a bad rep because people assume it means noshing on tons of red meat, butter, and few veggies. But, it’s actually less restrictive than you think.

Thai food? Check! Mexican? Check! Macaroni n’ cheese? Yup, even that classic comfort food is on the menu. The key is to choose high-fiber nutrient-dense carbohydrates like sweet potatoes and other root vegetables instead of ones like white rice. Combine that with healthy fats and optimal protein intake and your body will be fortified with the nutrients it needs. Plus, this type of diet will keep your appetite in check and provide fuel for your body, helping you power through a tough workout.

On top of shedding some pounds, there are some major health benefits to a low-carb diet, too. Studies show that certain risk factors for heart disease and insulin resistance improve when people follow a controlled carbohydrate program (e.g. triglyceride levels can decrease on average 44%, HDL good cholesterol increases, inflammation markers improve, and markers for pre diabetes disappear).

The following recipes each have less than 30 carbs to help you stick to your low-carb diet for weight loss.