PEOPLE WHO’VE BEEN drinking coffee for years think they know what beans are the best for their palate. They’ll stick to the same brand—claiming that other beans are inferior or taste bad—and won’t deviate from their caffeinated cause unless they absolutely have to. That presents a problem: When hardcore Joe jockeys have to drink a new brew and then stumble upon a cup of really great coffee, their taste buds challenged, they can spiral into an existential crisis that has them doubting their coffee palate.

But what gives a particular coffee bean its singular taste and aroma when brewed? How do you properly taste coffee to really experience the notes and flavors that the particular bean imparts and makes you a fan for life? To honor National Coffee Day, and to pay tribute to the little bean that does so much for the human race each morning before work and every afternoon when energy dips, we ground down the factors that bestow coffee beans with their unique flavor notes—so you can figure out what makes your daily cuppa so damn good.