Life is what you make it, that’s a motto worth living by and we thought we’d hang out with a guy that’s not just making it big, but doing it all with positive vibes and a friendly smile. Meet Harry Jowsey, the Australian actor and entrepreneur that’s all about making moves and enjoying the experience while still finding the time to train and live a healthy lifestyle. The popular TV star has made appearances on series like Match Me If You Can and Too Hot to Handle and he’s also the winner of Heartbreak Island. Here, Harry gives us his tips on training, advice on how to stay motivated, and he shares some inspirational insight into his business dreams and current successes. Take a look!


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Heya Harry, great to have you man, could you start by telling us a little bit about yourself and what got you started on your fitness journey? When I was in university, all my friends were massive as bodybuilding is a quite big culture back home in Australia. I looked at myself and realized how skinny I was. I had injured myself playing rugby and ended up with knee reconstruction surgery. After that, I never really trained properly. Seeing my friends all fit and built, it inspired me to take my fitness a lot more seriously and start taking care of my body and mind. I have been prioritising this in my life from then on, getting in the gym, getting outside and moving my body. 

Wow, you’re like MEGA Insta-famous with your almost 4 million followers. Are people following the six-pack or are the positive vibes you give off the real reason so many people can’t get enough of you? I don’t know if people follow me purely for my body (giggle). I don’t know… I hope that is part of the full package. LOL, I tend to think that I am not really the “looks” of social media but I am just funny and I think that’s why people follow me, I have a good sense of humour and they come to get a good laugh. 

Back to fitness, what’s your typical daily workout routine like and do you focus more on heavy lifting or higher reps? At the moment, because I am quite thick, I am prioritising on higher reps but not spending more than an hour in the gym. Putting my phone down, blasting that music and getting in that zone. Also getting outside and doing cardio at least a handful of times each week and get that sun in and be one with nature. That cardio keeps the body fat percentage low.  

Most people make the mistake of training too hard, or not getting enough rest days. What are some of your personal training tips that’ll help people reach their fitness goals? Training should be fun, never a chore. You need to find a schedule and routine that you get excited about, or else you won’t get to where you want to be. Make sure you definitely have rest days and let your body recharge or you’ll just burn out and get nowhere. Don’t be afraid to switch up your training or get outside and go on a hike.

As you know, staying in shape is all about consistency though it’s all too easy for people to get stuck in a slump. How can they change the tide and rediscover their motivation, like, what motivates you when you’re down? I think everyone’s motivation levels fluctuate, it’s just about managing those slumps and making sure at the bare minimum you move your body in some way. My biggest motivation is that I’m not in my dream body yet, so I use that as motivation to keep pushing and get up in the morning.

They say you are what you eat, and nutrition is an important part of any healthy lifestyle. What’s your approach to food and what’s your diet like? Nutrition is 80% of it. It sucks to say but you have to be mindful to not consume too much food or you’ll be taking steps backwards. I make sure on weekends I allow myself to eat how I want but being mindful of the portion size of food and throughout the week I am strict on what I consume. If you can’t get premade meals with your ideal macros definitely meal prep for your week, it’s so much easier

You’re very social, with lots of videos on YouTube also. Could you tell us more about your podcast Tap In with Harry Jowsey and what are some of your favourite topics to cover? I think my podcast covers every corner of every single subject. There isn’t really one thing that we try to achieve in one episode. We try to learn more from people and have them tell their stories and explain a little more about them. One of the big subjects we chat about is sex life and try to help the younger people like myself have better sex and more meaningful connections and we do so by bringing in experts on the podcast and being open and honest on the subject.

Name one of your most memorable guests or shows and tell us why? It would have to be Jeffree Star. I think possibly one of the biggest guests we’ve had on to date and left genuinely left speechless and found I couldn’t figure out how to ask another question as the stuff he was saying was so out of pocket. A great experience for sure. 

There’s this really cool brand of shades out there called Kensngtn Sunglasses. What was your role in building the brand and how can our readers get their hands on a pair? I started this brand with my best friend Kristian Barbarich a couple of years ago as we were on a reality TV show together and we were annoyed at the fact that we were not allowed to wear sunglasses. We thought we would make our own brand so once we are back home and back in the sun we would have something cool to wear and share with others. They are available online at 

Are you working on any new and exciting projects at the moment and could you tell us about that? I have really been focused on working and growing the podcast, but I have also been working on more TV and film stuff which is where my passions lay. So, I am looking forward to seeing those come out early next year for the world to see getting back in front of the camera and on-screen. 

Where can our readers follow you to stay up to date with your latest news and events? Best place would have to be my Instagram @harryjowsey or my Tiktok and Snapchat accounts @harryjowsey and the podcast is called Tap In with Harry Jowsey on YouTube.

It was a pleasure having you Harry, we’re wishing you all the best, now and in the future and we hope to see you again soon… ta.

“Training should be fun, never a chore. You need to find a schedule and routine that you get excited about, or else you won’t get to where you want to be.”

“My biggest motivation is that I’m not in my dream body yet, so I use that as motivation to keep pushing and get up in the morning.”