THE AVOCADO IS everyone’s favorite fat-filled, low-sugar fruit for a reason: It’s creamy, delicious, and damn good on toast.

But the green goddess is also supremely nutrient-dense. Here are five surprising facts and health benefits of the humble superfood (as if we needed to give you more of a reason to eat avocados).

  • There are 500 varieties of this berry—yes, it’s technically a berry—that are grown worldwide.
  • You only need to eat 1 avocado a day to improve your cholesterol.
  • A whopping 100% of an avocado’s peel, flesh, pit, and leaves impart health benefits, according to recent studies.
  • The rise in avocado prices have surged 50% since 2016, due to weather, deforestation, even extortion by drug cartels.
  • About 77% of an avocado’s calories come from heart-healthy fats.

by Men’s Fitness Editors