BROADENING YOUR UPPER BODY is the easiest (and most effective) way to make your waist look slimmer. But you can’t do it with machine lifts and lateral raises alone. These four classic lifts will blast your delts, building the mass you crave.

1. Modified handstand pushup

Why it works: Similar to the overhead press, but you lift your whole body instead of just a bar, so you use more muscle fibers overall.

Do it: Get into pushup position, resting your feet on a bench or boxes. Walk your hands back so that your butt points up in the air and your torso forms a straight line. Lower your body as far as you can or until your head touches the floor. Do these after your main lift of the day using multiple sets of low reps, and treat the exercise like skill practice—do every rep perfectly and with control. When your form starts to break down, stop.