Since, from your question, it seems you’re calling each other girlfriend and boyfriend, there may be an unspoken expectation to move things forward—especially if she’s making it clear she wants a future with you. If so, you need to talk.

But if you’re enjoying things now, I’m not sure you have to end it. Not all women are looking for marriage—some like a good sex partner, too.

Are you 25 or 35? If you’re in your 20s and not yet into getting serious, and you’ve been together only a short time, then lighten up and enjoy it. If you’re 30ish and have been with her for a while, though, decide the marriage potential now and let her know which way you’re leaning.

But: Marriage is like musical chairs. When you’re really ready to settle down, you may look at her and realize she’s the right person because it’s the right time. It just may not be your time yet.

Writer and comic Jena Friedman says…

Sounds like you’ve got a real ButHerSoul on your hands. What’s that, you ask?

A woman with everything you could dream of but that one thing that would make her your soul mate. If you’re not ready to marry, and you know ButHerSoul isn’t either, you’re golden. But if you’re looking for a wife, you’ll probably find one faster if you don’t already have a girlfriend.

Which means it’s probably time to be a mensch and break up with her.

by Men’s Fitness Editors