KETTLEBELLS ARE great for making your workout routines more challenging and creative.  Kettlebells offer unique advantages over dumbbells, because the unbalanced weight will constantly challenge your grip and stability flexors. Additionally, kettlebells will allow you to focus on functional movements that will have a carryover to athletic performance. And above all, kettlebells are just plain fun to use.

These workouts were designed by Tyler Manzo, a fitness instructor at BrickNew York. All you need is one kettlebell. You’ll notice there are similarities between the workouts—choose one that fits the time you have, and try a different one the next time. Even though there are programming and exercise carryovers throughout these routines, they’re distinct enough so that you’ll keep getting results as long as you don’t stick to any one workout for too many weeks on end. (Note that these workouts are not meant to comprise a complete program.)

So, go ahead and invest in a kettlebell or two to keep in your house—that way, you never have a reason to skip your workout.

Instructions: You will be performing many reps for plenty of rounds, and in some cases, you will be performing them for time. The goal of these workouts is to elevate your heart rate, so be sure that you select a kettlebell light enough to sustain perfect exercise form throughout the entire workout.