We know millennials aren’t afraid to spend their hard-earned money on travel (here are three dream trips on their docket). And while cash isn’t flowing in for them quite like their older counterparts, they’ve proven to compromise other commodities, such as living independently, in favor of satisfying their wanderlust. This deep desire to get up and go doesn’t generally dissipate over time. In fact, for many of us, it strengthens and as you age, you hopefully have more of a means—and accrued vacation days—to make it happen without necessarily sacrificing, say, living alone or paying for HBO like your younger self. If you haven’t already, now in your 30’s is the perfect time to see the world—whether your idea of “vacation” is to explore, party, or just chill.

Explore In Ireland

Your name doesn’t have to be Danny Boy to hear the Irish calling you. Any man who loves a good Guinness or whiskey is always welcome to the Emerald Isle. Earn your shots and pints by hiking, biking, sea-kayaking, horseback riding and even surfing across Ireland’s breathtaking west and southwest coasts with Vagabond’s eight-day Wild Irish Rover Tour. Along the way, visit the Blarney Stone (and kiss it for good luck), sleep in a castle, and maybe take selfies on site where Star Wars: The Force Awakens was filmed.

Party In Panama

Take a trip down to Panama City where the grass is green and the girls are pretty—and not just within urban limits. Sure, you can spend some time ogling beauties shopping the craft market in Casco Viejo (Old Town), visiting the famed Panama Canal, or dancing the night away in historic district’s best bars and clubs. But the real party begins on the yacht that takes you out to the San Blas archipelago, where you can island hop, snorkel in pristine waters, and enjoy a barbecued lobster dinner party with the welcoming, rum-loving locals called Kuna. In between Casco and Kuna on this four-day trip, Leading Adventures tour guides will also take you to the Anton Valley rainforest town located in a volcanic crater for lunch, a waterfall for an afternoon dip, and the Pacific bay for surf lessons.

Chill In Wyoming

Perched about 1,000 feet above the wonderfully wild west ski town of Jackson Hole is the beautiful Spring Creek Ranch, which doubles as a wildlife sanctuary and premiere place to view the majestic Teton Mountain Range. Call this lumberjack-luxe resort “home” for a long weekend, especially this spring when you can sign up for the “Wolf & Bear” Safari. On-staff naturalists will guide you on a four-day adventure into Yellowstone National Park to meet its most popular residents—black bears, grizzly bears, grey wolves, and more—who are just now starting to step out for a stretch after a nice, long hibernation.