The pushup is a classic move and one of the best things you can do to hit your chest, shoulders, arms, and core in one swoop.

If you get your pushup form perfect—and we’ve shown you the best way to do it—you can build muscle and blast your fat away by banging out some major sets of the move. There are all types of variations you can do to help boost your muscles, but the classic pushup is one you should master before you do that.

Throwing down 100 reps in one shot says a lot about your strength and endurance—and if you want to hit that number, we know exactly what you need. No matter how low your current pushup number is, we have a plan for you to hit that century mark you’ve long been looking to master.

Read below for the pushup challenge and how to hit 100 in one shot.



The first step is to figure out how many pushups you can do while holding proper form.

Doing this will allow you to measure your progress and it gives you a “current max” to start with before you push forward. The number you hit will be your current max, then, every two weeks, take two days off from th workout and retest your max.

You’ll see progress in no time.



Perform four times your max number of reps, taking as long as you need to do it, even if it’s a while. It’s okay if subsequent sets have fewer reps than your max.


Set an alarm to go off five times throughout the day—every two to three hours is fine. Each time it sounds, drop down and do two sets of pushups. For the first set, do your max number, then rest for 45 seconds. After your break, perform the second set, trying to get to your max again, but this time rest as little as possible until you do it.

Follow this workout and you’ll be banging out 100 pushups in no time.

By Matthew Jussim