“How do I pull off sneakers with a suit? And is it OK to wear athleisure wear after the gym to go out?” – Scott T., Erie, PA

The sneaker-with-suit look is absolutely here to stay. The trick is to put the right shoe with the right suit.

For example, the Nike Cortez would look great with a slim-cut, vintage-inspired suit because it’s also sleek and retro and won’t overwhelm it.

Bottom line, it’s commonplace for athletes, sneaker fiends, and now regular joes to pair the two, so think of sneakers as the outfit’s exclamation point, not the full sentence.

Re: athleisure gear at night, if the destination’s fairly casual, it can work well. Go for tailored sweats you can dress up, like Nike’s Tech Pack line, or a Kith hoodie in a cozy material/unexpected color.

But skip anything too gym-specific, like a compression tee. Aim to feel like an athlete who’s off-duty, not mid-workout.

Megan Ann Wilson is a designer, celebrity stylist, and columnist for Men’s Fitness. Follow her on Twitter