A WORKOUT ISN’T complete without a workout finisher. It’s in the name after all.

A brutal one-to-two set single exercise or circuit made up of conditioning moves is really effective at removing that layer of fat hiding your six-pack and getting in some extra anaerobic, high-intensity work, which can torch more calories.

What’s more, finishers add volume to your training sessions (rep ranges are usually pretty high) and test your mental toughness. You’re challenged to push past fatigue. Add these two cardio finishers to your program. They’ll have you crawling out of the gym, feeling like nothing you’ve ever experienced, knowing you gave your all.

Note: These are also perfect for guys who hate traditional cardio, or keep conditioning separate from strength training.

1. The Sprint Finisher

How to do it: Ideally you would perform this finisher on a track, field, or self-propelled treadmill, but a regular treadmill works as well. Perform each sprint as quickly as possible. Rest periods should be 2:1, meaning you should rest twice as long as the preceding sprint took to finish (for example, if the 100-yard sprint took 18 seconds, rest for 36 seconds before moving on to the 75-yard sprint).

> 200 yard sprint

> 150 yard sprint

> 100 yard sprint

> 75 yard sprint

> 50 yard sprint

2. The Row Finisher

How to do it: Give the rower some much deserved love by completing this finisher with prescribed reps and rest (though you may not be feeling the love by the end of the workout).

> 500 meter row

Rest 3 minutes

> 300 meter row

Rest 2 minutes

> 200 meter row

Rest 1 minute

> 100 meter row

by Dan Trink, CSCS