This plan is a 10-minute-per-day, four-week program for upping your main lifts, like the bench presssquat, and deadlift.

 First, start by quickly warming up thoroughly with cardio and planks. Let’s say you’re doing bench press and your top set of four reps is 100kg . Warm up with pushups and then press the bar for about 20 reps.
After that, add a 10kg plate on each side for six reps, then add 5kg for sets of six until you get to around 100kg for a set of six.
  • Week 1: 5 warmup sets and 1 top set of 6 reps, leaving 2 reps in the tank
  • Week 2: 5 warmup sets and 1 top set of 5 reps, leaving 1 rep in the tank
  • Week 3: 5 warmup sets and 1 top set of 4 reps, going all out and trying to get a personal record
  • Week 4: Rest and do reps with 50% of what you hit last week

Tucker Loken is an elite powerlifter, bodybuilder, and contest prep coach in Los Angeles.