The term ‘jewellery’ is almost always associated with women and their glitzy collections of earrings, bracelets, necklaces… the list goes on. But what about the vast selection of men’s watches, cufflinks, and bracelets to choose from? Men’s jewellery can seriously amp up your personal sense of styleso long as you wear it right.

While women can pull off a pair of diamond stud earrings with an oversized chunky necklace and a sleeve of dangling bracelets, there are some different guidelines men should follow. For most general settings you presumably encounter each day—like your office, the gym, or being out with your friends—the less you have going on, the better. Too much jewellery—especially in the bedazzled form—can be ostentatious, distracting, and can look unprofessional.

Here we break down the eight types of jewellery for men, and explain the proper way to wear each of them, the appropriate time and place to put them on, and the top styles to go after in order to look your best. An overall rule for men’s jewellery, which applies to all of the following categories: remember to match your metals. That means, a gold watch should match the colour of your ring, the embellishments on your shoes, and the shade of your belt buckle. This is key to mastering a put-together look.

By Andy Ryan / Christina Simonetti