Sled training has exploded in popularity recently, with guys the world over finally realizing what the best football and track-and-field programs have known for years: Nothing will kick your ass like dragging around heavy weights.

Depending on the weight, rep speed, and exercise selection, the whole body tension that you get with a sled can benefit you in a lot of ways. It can increase work capacity, develop anaerobic power, act as recovery after heavy training sessions, or just shake things up when boredom strikes. Here, we’re going to show you how to use it as a total body conditioning tool to get you ready to go four quarters—even if it’s just to dominate your flag football league.


Complete the following circuit three times through, taking as little time as possible between each exercise.

Squat Row – 20 Reps
Stand facing the sled with a taut strap in each hand. Squat low and pull the sled toward you. Back up until straps are taut and repeat.

Chest Press – 20 Reps
In a staggered stance, with a taut strap in each and at your shoulders, face away from the sled and press forward to a full lockout.

With the straps clipped into the harness or weight belt:

Forward lunges 
20 reps

Forward sprints 
50 yards

Backward walk 
50 yards

Bear crawls 
50 yards (on all fours)


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