Why You Should Think Twice Before Dyeing Your Gray Hair.

Why You Should Think Twice Before Dyeing Your Gray Hair.


I’m 26 but already going gray—should I color my hair? And it’s getting trendy for younger guys to dye their hair gray on purpose—what’s up with that?

Coloring your hair is a bad idea. Graying is part of aging—it’s distinguished, it’s sexually attractive, and people dig it. If you color it, it’s like a neon sign saying, “I’m covering up what’s happening to me as a man.” Just let it go natural—it’s a sign of being secure with yourself. And if you want the gray less obvious, keep the sides shorter.

But if you’re vain, have a pro dye it—don’t buy some boxed stuff. You also don’t want the disheveled, gray-haired professor look, so try a product that adds luster—not a pomade (high shine) or cream (low shine), but something in between, like Hanz de Fuko Hybridized Wax.

And yeah, young guys going gray is getting trendy—but the faux hawk was trendy once, too. I’ll roll my eyes at you if you come in like that. Kids who dye their hair gray—they haven’t earned it. They’re insecure about being young.

Put yourself through some traumatic shit—have kids, or employees—it’ll go gray soon enough.