WHETHER SHE’S CONSTANTLY texting you or always touching your arm in conversation, there are more than a few signs that indicate a woman is into you.

But what about the things that attract you to her? Sure, you probably have a romantic “type” that you tend to look for, while there are also a few red flags you should definitely keep an eye out for.

And now, science has discovered one thing a woman does that almost always grabs a guy’s attention, and it’s surprisingly simple: Men are naturally drawn towards women who are arching their backs, according to a new study published in Springer’s journalEvolutionary Psychological Science.

In the study, researchers used six different computer-generated 3D models of a woman’s upper body, each with a slightly different curve of the back. The models were then shown to over 80 college-age men and women (all wearing eye-tracking technology), who were asked to rate the attractiveness of each posture.

The findings? The more arched the back of the 3D model, the more attractive it was rated by both men and women. Using the eye-tracking data, researchers also found that men often focused their attention on both the model’s hips and back side.

And while we can’t say we’re completely shocked, it does provide a bit more insight as to why models like Abigail Ratchford (known as the “Queen of Curves”) and Demi Rose Mawby draw millions of followers to their Instagram accounts.