BACON AND EGGS go together better than, well, just about anything else. But you can take this classic combination up a notch with the addition of a small amount of horseradish, which’ll definitely turn up the dial when it comes to flavor.

Nutrition (per serving)

450 calories; 39g fat; 20g protein; 2g carbohydrate; trace dietary fiber; 2g net carbs.

4 slices bacon, raw
6 eggs
1 tsp horseradish
How to make it
1. Put big, heavy skillet over medium heat. Use kitchen shears to snip the bacon into the skillet. Fry it crisp, separating the bits as it cooks. While that’s happening, whisk eggs with horseradish.
2. When the bacon bits are crisp, scoop them out of skillet to a plate and reserve.

3. Pour off all but a tablespoon or so of the grease. Now pour in eggs and scramble until they’re almost set. Then add the bacon bits and scramble them in. Serve.