Bombshell: Smoothies from stores and fast-food joints can actually rival—or surpass—the calories in a Big Mac and sugar in a regular soda, a new survey has disclosed.

Though the original data was dug up by Australia’s LiveLighter health program, we did some snooping right here in the U.S. and found similar mind-blowing stats.

1. Smoothie King

20-oz Piña Colada Island Smoothie: 600 calories/98g of sugar
2. Planet Smoothie
22-oz PBJ Smoothie: 710 calories/64g of sugar
3. Dairy Queen

25-oz Tripleberry Smoothie: 480 calories/105g of sugar

4. McDonald’s
16-oz Mango Pineapple Smoothie: 260 calories/5
5. Naked Juice

15.2-oz Double Berry: 420 calories/55g sugar

6. Starbucks

16-oz Strawberry Smoothie with 2% milk: 300 calories/41g sugar