1. Whole Grain

The grain is left whole (hence the name), so you get about three times as much fiber and 25% more protein than with regular pasta. The downside: The taste is a bit grittier.

2. Brown Rice

If you’re doing the gluten-free thing, brown rice pasta is a great choice. It’s also easy to digest. One drawback: It has the least amount of protein of the five pastas shown here.

3. Quinoa

This is a gluten-free option with more protein than brown rice pasta. It’s also a complete protein, meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids. Look for ones that list quinoa as the first ingredient.

4. Protein-Enhanced

If you love regular pasta, eat this. The taste is comparable to white pasta, but it contains omega-3s from flaxseed (to help with joint pain) and extra protein from egg whites.

5. Lentil/Bean-based

This one packs the most fiber and protein of the five pastas here. If portions are your problem, grab one of these. You’ll fill up on less volume.