THERE’S REALLY NO reason to think canned beer is a downgrade from the bottle (and screw-off wine is sub-par to corked varieties). If it’s been stored, it’s basically the same stuff.

But there is one hard and fast rule to drinking beer (and wine): No matter how you bought it, you should enjoy it in a glass. (Especially the wine. Don’t be that guy slugging from the bottle.) A glass lets beer unfurl its unique aroma, which brewers work furiously to perfect.

The only challenge from there: how to perfectly pour beer into the glass. You’ve probably mastered the basics on how to pour a handsome pint: Tilt the glass at a 45° angle, slowly fill to the midpoint, bring the glass upright, then continue pouring ’til you reach the top.

But pouring the perfect pint goes beyond the ol’ 45°-angle rule. Your technique depends upon the kind of beer you’re pouring, the best beer temperature, and even your glassware of choice. Here’s how to pour the perfect pint, every time.

All excerpts reprinted with permission from Atlas of Beer: A Globetrotting Journey Through the World of Beer by Nancy Hoalst-Pullen and Mark W. Patterson, published by National Geographic in September 2017. Available wherever books are sold.