THE AVERAGE MAN orgasms in about three to five minutes.

If you want to last longer in bed (and we’re hoping for her sake you do), you need to employ some strategies to dodge premature ejaculation.

Specific sex positions are an effective way to delay your gratification, while building hers, because they emphasize clitoral stimulation (rather than deep penetration) and put you in control, so you can ease off when you feel like you’re on the brink.

Here are eight positions that’ll help you go out in an aptly timed bang.

1. Spooning

Spooning is arguably the best position to help you last longer. The penetration is on the shallow side, so you won’t get overstimulated. Lie on your sides, facing the same direction. You should be behind her (in the “big spoon” position). Initial penetration can be a little tricky since it’s hard to see where you’re going. Have her lift her top leg for easier access, then use your finger to find her vagina and guide yourself in. Focus on grinding against her rather than thrusting.

2. The Twist

If you’re enjoying Spooning, have her spread her legs apart so they’re in a scissored position. She’ll stay on her side, but you’ll shift your body on top of hers. (This is the position you’d be in for Missionary.) Your chest and stomach will press against her side as you grind. This is a nice position to transition into for a few minutes before going back to Spooning. Think of it as an interlude of sorts: It creates some different angles for you both, but isn’t so intense that you’ll lose control.

3. Face-to-Face

Lie on your sides, facing each other. It might take a little bit of wriggling around to get into the right position, especially if you’ve got a good height difference. Have her lift her top leg and wrap it around your waist. You can’t get super-deep penetration, just like Spooning, so this won’t be too overwhelming. It’s a romantic, intimate position you’ll both enjoy.

4. Missionary Grind

Missionary is typically a position that’s hard to last very long in, because most men rapidly thrust in and out. Instead, try grinding against her. It may help if you lift your body up a few inches—closer to her head than usual—and have her spread her legs wider. This position has the added bonus of giving her plenty of clitoral stimulation, increasing the odds you’ll climax around the same time.