Football season and the start of fall are synonymous with guy-but-not-gut-friendly foods that are comforting but bad for you in every way. Fatty wings drenched in even fattier dips and dressings, sugar-loaded desserts, and carb-heavy drinks. It’s a diet minefield.

To make you a little more cognizant of the calorie bombs you’re throwing back at your buddy’s apartment or parking lot tailgate, we spoke to nutritionist Christine Palumbo, RDN. She’s detailed the worst offenders and how to make them a bit healthier, so you don’t have to miserably munch on salad you brought from home in  Tupperware. With these healthier takes on game-day recipes, snacking swaps, and mindful portion tips you can be one of the guys—without getting a gut.

*Macros derived from food processor nutrition analysis software, cookbook values, and food labels.

By Brittany Smith