AS MUCH AS sex can melt away stress, there’s no denying the fact that stripping down and rolling around with someone can make you a little anxious. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first or 101st time. There are strange sounds, awkward moments, and bodily functions you just can’t control. It’s not just you—women have just as many fears and anxieties running through their heads. Here, 20 incredibly honest women tell all.

“I sometimes have after-sex anxiety. Do we just lie there? Should I be exiting the building upon completion? Does lingering make me seem like a stage-five clinger?” – Molly G.

“I have a fear of not being as good as the last girl he was with.” – Leslie P.

“I’m going to take too long to finish.” – Erica I.

“Him not coming—or him coming inside me.” – Cara D.

“I always have anxiety over where a guy’s going to finish if we’re not using a condom.” – Felicia D.

“Him going down on me and analyzing my V.” – Stephanie Q.

“I’m terrified of breaking a guy’s penis if I’m on top or he slips out.” – Paige F.

“I’ll be completely honest. I’m always anxious about not smelling my freshest down there.” – Marie T.