IN ADDITION TO cultivating that shredded, V-tapered physique and a Seinfeldesque sense of humor, there’s a new personal quality that tops the list when it comes to attracting the ladies.

According to Bloomberg, a study of 2,000 online daters found that good credit scores are sexy. That’s right: Credit scores, not swimsuit scores, were ranked at the top in a recent study from Discover Financial Services and Match Media Group, parent of Tinder and other dating sites.

Judging from the results, guys with killer credit best those with killer smiles and shredded six-packs. Who knew? All this time you’ve spent strengthening your muscles may have been better served strengthening your financial standing. And it’s not just good looks that take a backseat to good credit. Findings of the study show that financial responsibility was more appealing than a sense of humor, ambition, courage, and modesty.

So if you’ve been betting that a new car may sway her opinion, think again: 58% of those surveyed said a good credit score was more appealing than a fresh set of wheels.

So what makes this “unsexy” subject so appealing to not just women, but men as well? According to those taking part in the study, a strong credit score was associated with being responsible, trustworthy, and smart—characteristics that will stand the test of time when attracting a mate.

And while both sexes have been shown to respond favorably to a secure financial standing, women (77%) really took a shine to the quality compared to men (61%). Food for thought the next time you create a dating app profile.