WHEN IT COMES to sex toys, you might have your reservations. Why complicate things? What’s wrong with a penis—is that not enough anymore? What’s wrong with MY penis?! Well, we don’t know you intimately enough to answer all of those questions. We can assume you and your penis are perfectly capable of getting her off. But there’s something to say about getting out of your comfort zone and exploring the limits of your pleasure. Complicating things doesn’t have to be all that complicated. It can, however, introduce you to some mind-melting, nerve-tingling, lose-absolute-control orgasms.

And, no, sex toys aren’t just for women. “It’s not just about making friends with her vibrator so you’ve got backup if you don’t make her orgasm,” says Tracey Cox a sex, body language, and relationship expert. (She also has a new product range of sex toys for men deisgned to maximize your performance called Edge.) “Toys help solve the age-old problem that comes with sleeping with the same person time and time again: boredom!” she explains.

Sex toys provide all the novelty, adventure, and kinkiness your sex life has been missing without the risk of endangering your relationship—something that can easily happen if you try to spice things up with, say, a threesome.

If you haven’t noticed, the pleasure industry is a booming business, not likely to lose steam anytime soon. So there really is a sex toy for every guy, whether you’re a little more reserved and trying to dip your toe in the pool or you’re all-in, swimming in deep water.

Now, keep reading to see how these devices (and more) can elevate your favorite sex positions.

1. Doggie

It’s pretty unanimous: Men love doggie style. It’s the position that gives you the deepest penetration, the most control, and a great view. But, more often than not, this position fails to get women off because you’re not stimulating her clitoris. To make sex more satisfying for the both of you, try this:

“Wear a penis ring and hold a medium-size vibrator on her clitoris,” Cox says. “A penis ring is simply a firm ring you slide on around the base of your penis to keep an erection strong and firm,” Cox explains. Some adjust with a toggle, others look like small rubber rings, but all work to stimulate her clitoris during penetration. “Wearing one will score you major points with her,” Cox says, “just make sure to grind rather than thrust to enable constant contact with the clitoris,” she recommends. If it’s too much for her to handle in the beginning, opt for one sex toy; then add the other as she becomes accustomed to the sensation. She can even put a hand over yours to guide the vibrator to the speed and rhythm that’ll build her up to climax.