Sex? There’s plenty of perks to having it. You’ll get a good mood boost, burn some calories, potentially live longer, and, you know, blow off some steam (read about even more health benefits here). But having more frequent sex sessions? Now that’s where there’s an even bigger bonus.

 People who keep busy between the sheets are deemed more attractive—by their own partner at least—according to a new study published in Psychological Science,
 In the study, two tests were conducted on a group of 216 newlyweds. The first included a survey in which the participants had to rate the level of satisfaction in their relationship by rating qualities of their marriage (i.e, “bad-good, dissatisfied-satisfied, unpleasant-pleasant”), whether they agreed with different statements (like: “We have a good marriage”), and overall happiness with their partner, according to a press release. The second portion was completed on a computer, where an image of their partner popped up for 300 milliseconds (a third of a second), followed by a word. Participants were asked to press a key to indicate whether the word was positive or negative. Finally, the participants were asked to jot down how often they have sex with their partner in the last four months.

Based off the participants’ candid answers and how fast they responded to the computer test, researchers discovered couples who had the most sex viewed their partners as having more positive characteristics. Specifically, “sexual frequency influence[s] their more spontaneous, automatic, gut-level feelings about their partners,” says lead study author Lindsey Hicks.

There’s a caveat, though.

Couples who have the most sex aren’t necessarily happier in their relationships. Nonetheless, having more sex in the beginning of a new relationship could supercharge chemistry and attraction between you and your lady, so have at it.